High-Yield Acoustic Grader for MSR Lumber


    Calibre Equipment Bending Test Machine STFE.jpg

    The STFE20 is an automated Quality Assurance Bending Test Machine that qualifies structural lumber. 

    With a simple one-button operation, your STFE20 measures the MoE, proof load and rupture load of your boards with outstanding accuracy.

    Easy to use and robust, it is also the most dependable test machine on the market.


    why our customers chose the STFE20

    • Provides MSR and Structural Lumber Quality Assurance Testing 

    • Determines a board’s MoE, proof load and rupture load (MoR) 

    • Non-contact laser deflection measurement
    • Precision 20klb capacity loadcell
    • Fully automated PLC controlled testing with a user-friendly PC interface
    • Powered by a two-stage electric or hydraulic pump for perfect loading control
    • User-friendly sensor calibration