High-Yield Acoustic Grader for MSR Lumber

Innovative lumber-grading equipment



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    Immediately reduce your costs and increase your production capacity.

    our flagship products


    MSR Grading System

    Ecoustic produces high MSR yield
    with a single moving part and requires
    no daily maintenance.

    Bending Test Machine

    STFE tests structural lumber with a simple
    one-button operation. It’s fully automated and
    delivers unparalleled performance. 


    Over 100 installations Worldwide

    Our customers range from corporate to family-owned sawmills

    North America

    Canfor Corporation
    CLW Lumber Company
    Culp Lumber Company
    Hampton Babine Lumber
    Interfor Corporation

    Rex Lumber
    Roseburg Forest Products
    Tolko Industries
    West Fraser Timber
    Westervelt Lumber


    Carter Holt Harvey
    Croft Poles
    D&R Henderson
    Highland Pine Products
    Hyne Timber

    Kiwi Lumber
    Mitchell Brothers
    Red Stag Timber
    Waipapa Pine


    Future-proof your investment

    We’re always improving our products, systems, and service so that your return on investment keeps growing. 

    Our current research and development projects will deliver more ground-breaking solutions to the market.